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MarcelloDuarte committed Aug 1, 2012
2 parents cb3728d + 87b7abf commit ff18c65541095c467be4a647e7ffe922877a135b
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@@ -1,6 +1,134 @@
PHPSpec 1.3
+PHPSpec 1.4.0
+* Extract common interface for Example and SharedExample
+* Fix intercepted object with magic __call not being called
+* Throw an exception when calling an invalid macro
+* Minor api documentation added to example group (24fb0e)
+* Mockery doubles can be created using expectation array as second parameter (f74e90)
+* Fix problem with specs with same name within different namespaces (51f0d2)
+* Merge pull request #85 from alistairstead/develop (f8c11a)
+* Salve for the case the intercepted is an example group (ad3ab9)
+* Add support for macros (fe0efe)
+* Remove hard coded matchers from interceptor (27b15c)
+* Built in matchers are now loaded dynamically (e07d0e)
+* Fix example runner passing context instead of reporter to get methods (df048a)
+* Fix parser not accepting an argument for include-matchers (5e7c8d)
+* Fix contain text matcher inverse logic (1bd9a4)
+* Documentation formatter can handle shared examples start and finish events (99a610)
+* Fix not being able to inject ExampleRunner into Runner (ac4f80)
+* Shared Examples are now run with the example group behaving like it (8ac843)
+* ExampleGroup has a behaveLike SharedExample property (bf5d05)
+* Now is possible to change the value of public properties of intercepted objects (ab8840)
+* Example group can behave like another (296f0a)
+* ExampleGroup doesn't behave like another object by default (fefed3)
+* Update deprecated require path for autoload.php (da7ace)
+* Add composer.phar to ignore list (29736f)
+* Update list of matchers on matcher factory (eddb3c)
+* Fix containText match messages (c5e157)
+* Reorganise behat features (f794c4)
+* Reorganise behat features in folders (cd47fa)
+* Add include matchers flag to printing help acceptance test (13f6c6)
+* [#49] Add support for CustomMatchers.php to be picked up by convention (fd0d77)
+* Fix ternary operation bug in invalid matcher constructor storing boolean instead of real value (b1ccb5)
+* Matches method in custom matchers are now optional (f3b444)
+* Matches must now return a boolean (ae1f22)
+* Make Equal matcher implement PHPSpec\Matcher (9e8e07)
+* Make InvalidMatcherType exception more explict (f2cbf3)
+* Backtrace was breaking if line or file didn't exist (6c0ee1)
+* Add InvalidMatcherType exception (f9a98b)
+* Merge branch 'develop' of into develop (f42e37)
+* Matcher factory now checks interface of custom matchers (3ce6a2)
+* Fix directories in .specignore not being ignored (e56c78)
+* Add src/PHPSpec/Context to .gitignore (102550)
+* Remove pending as test pass (f20965)
+* Add comment to empty test to keep the mock from crashing (097fa0)
+* Fix ternary operator bug on reflection method (5d2463)
+* Add beArray matcher (5fc48b)
+* fixed order of args for strpos --- passing (07acf0)
+* added Matcher containtText and spec (baf2fb)
+* Fix not being initialized, resulting in error (f7fa89)
+* Merge upstream (7673d2)
+* Merge remote-tracking branch 'mlopes/includematcher' into develop (1638fa)
+* Add a body to BooSpec so it doesn't complain about being empty (7e177d)
+* Fix ignored specs not being discovered correctly (47abce)
+* Removed cordova from travis notification email (58135e)
+* Reverted PHPSpec autoloader path to use include paths (c532bf)
+* Merge branch 'develop' of into composer (8d065c)
+* Added Text_Template as a composer dependency and also added Text_Template to be autoloaded in normal phpspec script (a0f20f)
+* Merge remote-tracking branch 'phpspec/develop' into develop (c96866)
+* Merged with cordoval/composer (4058bf)
+* Pended class loader test because of some issues to be addressed (62e179)
+* Added Formatter dummy files folder to .specignore (8fb282)
+* Fixed problem with .specignore not working because realpath being called on path with a newline returned false (eba0a7)
+* Merge pull request #78 from alistairstead/develop (aa5b8b)
+* Merge branch 'develop' of into develop (5df13f)
+* closes #77 Removed duplicate method call (73c95c)
+* Removed duplicate method call (70a112)
+* Merge branch 'master' into develop (839416)
+* [#51] reviewed regexp improved (fb5f70)
+* fixed regexp now all specs passed but the one that i fixed in the other PR please merge all so it call all work, thanks! (b4461f)
+* Added a reflection method class that checks for empty examples (a633cb)
+* Add beArray to MatcherFactory (65bec5)
+* Merge branch 'feature/bearraymatcher' into includematcher (3c46c5)
+* Add beArray matcher (53f257)
+* Merge branch 'develop' into includematcher (0f916a)
+* Remove duplicate function declaration Html::put (e6ffb6)
+* Use Matcher Factory instead of the CreateMatcher method on Interceptor (58e820)
+* Merge branch 'develop' into includematcher (9f604f)
+* Merge branch 'master' into develop (8cb578)
+* Allow custom matchers to override builtin matchers (d2e69c)
+* Create custom matchers (a2380a)
+* Add support to load matchers from subfolders (559a62)
+* Merge branch 'master' into develop (c3cf4f)
+* Merge branch 'develop' of into develop (9a77b9)
+* Merge branch 'master' of (2d92a3)
+* Merge branch 'master' into includematcher (aafea6)
+* Merge branch 'develop' into includematcher (c6e3d2)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/hardcodedbinpathontests' into develop (b5fd56)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/arraytoscalaroninterceptor' into develop (d9af53)
+* Add matcher registry to the matcher factory (3121b2)
+* Add specs for matchers registry (92abac)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/afternotbeingcalled' into develop (607de8)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/afternotbeingcalled' (7a1fe0)
+* Fix after not being called after failure, error, exception or pending (8f819b)
+* Move Fake class into a separate file (20badd)
+* Make Matcher factory available to the interceptor (1ea340)
+* Create matchers from reflected class (9fff46)
+* Add include-matchers to the World mocking (4f8d75)
+* Merge with marcello/feature/accessproperty (198787)
+* Merge remote branch 'marcello/feature/accessproperty' into includematcher (c536c1)
+* Add support for accessing private|protected properties in object interceptor (300f95)
+* Add MatcherFactory and specs for it (5e2658)
+* Add Be and DummyMatcher for MatcherFactorySpec (7ec9d2)
+* Fix ParseSpec test to use generic executable path (ad1c8c)
+* Accept include matchers option in the parser (776749)
+* Fix default formatter bug (11984d)
+* Merge branch 'develop' into includematcher (a6e66b)
+* Fix itDecoratesTheBacktraceLinesWithATextmateLink test (ac8eec)
+* Merge branch 'feature/textmateformatter' into develop (38238b)
+* Add textmate formatter (ee59d8)
+* Add specs for textmate formatter render link behaviour (7c84fb)
+* Fix some identation errors in Html formatter class (42ff98)
+* Formatter Factory now can create textmate formatter objects (c98012)
+* Add spec to factory to accept textmate formatter (b1aeab)
+* Parser now accepts textmate formatter (c725e9)
+* Add spec to parser to accept textmate formatter (797cac)
+* Invalid matcher now shows a more expressive exception message (e70e66)
+* Refactor interceptor to make __call more expressive (cd5577)
+* Merge branch 'develop' into includematcher (f9989b)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/mispelledmatcher' into develop (9c3325)
+* Merge branch 'hotfix/mispelledmatcher' into develop (e1b042)
+* Move FormatterFactory to World, deleted reference from PHPSpec (736cb7)
+* Prepare World object to respond to request from spec helper (206632)
+* Add setFormatters to reporter, preparing for support for multiple formatters (947e1f)
+* Add the include option to the parser (9ead57)
+* var is now available in SpecHelper.php (2a0a36)
+* Refactored the behat features a bit (d91c15)
+* Merge branch 'develop' of into develop (a07d47)
PHPSpec 1.3.0
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
<project name="PHPSpec" default="pearify" basedir="..">
- <property name="version" value="1.3.0" />
- <property name="stability" value="beta" />
+ <property name="version" value="1.4.0" />
+ <property name="stability" value="stable" />
<property name="source" value="src" />
<property name="build" value="build" />
<property name="pear" value="${build}/pear" />
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ class Runner implements \PHPSpec\Runner\Runner
* @var string
- const VERSION = '1.3.0beta';
+ const VERSION = '1.4.0';
* Usage message

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