Docker container to check your application with PHPStan without require via composer.
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Docker image for PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool

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The image is based on Alpine Linux and built daily.

Supported tags

How to use this image


Install the container:

docker pull phpstan/phpstan

Alternatively, pull a specific version:

docker pull phpstan/phpstan:0.10


We are recommend to use the images as an shell alias to access via short-command. To use simply phpstan everywhere on CLI add this line to your ~/.zshrc, ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile.

alias phpstan='docker run -v $PWD:/app --rm phpstan/phpstan'

If you don't have set the alias, use this command to run the container:

docker run --rm -v /path/to/app:/app phpstan/phpstan [some arguments for PHPStan]

For example:

docker run --rm -v /path/to/app:/app phpstan/phpstan analyse /app/src


Install PHPStan extensions

If you need an PHPStan extension, for example phpstan/phpstan-phpunit, you can simply extend an existing image and add the relevant extension via Composer. In some cases you need also some additional PHP extensions like DOM. (see section below)

Here is an example Dockerfile for phpstan/phpstan-phpunit:

FROM phpstan/phpstan:0.9
RUN apk --update --progress --no-cache --repository add \
    php7-dom \
    php7-xmlwriter \
    && composer global require phpstan/phpstan-phpunit

Further PHP extension support

Sometimes your codebase requires some additional PHP extensions like "intl" or maybe "soap".

Therefore you need to know that our Docker image extends the official alpine Docker image. So only a subset of extensions are pre-installed. Also because PHPStan needs no further extensions to run itself.

But to solve this issue you can extend our Docker image in an own Dockerfile like this, for example to add "soap" and "intl":

FROM phpstan/phpstan:latest
RUN apk --update --progress --no-cache --repository add \
    icu-dev \
    libxml2-dev \
    php7-soap \

Missing classes like "PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase"

Often you use PHAR files like PHPUnit in your projects. These PHAR files provide sometimes own classes where your project classes extends from. But these cannot be found in the vendor directory and so cannot be autoloaded. So you see error messages like this: "Fatal error: Class 'PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase' not found"

To solve this issue you need an own configuration file, like "phpstan.neon". This file can look like this:

		- path/to/phpunit.phar

After creating this file in your project root you can run PHPStan for example via

docker run -v $PWD:/app --rm phpstan/phpstan -c phpstan.neon --level=4

and now the required classes are loaded. Please take also a look in the relevant part at the PHPStan documentation.