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## Contribution Guidelines
* This repository is for conference or meetup talks which are really useful to the PHP developers in general.
* Ideally they are not tutorials, recorded screencasts or podcasts (except a couple of existing videos).
* Framework specific talks and tutorials are best avoided.
* Avoid duplications - make sure they are not already listed or not discussed in pull requests/issues.
* Repository owner can delete or re-order talks to improve the quality of repository.
* I would also love to hear why you think the video is a must watch.
Thank you for your suggestions!
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A list of interesting conference talks and great videos on PHP. Inspired by [js-must-watch](
Suggestions and contributions are welcome, but please check if it is already in the list. Framework specific talks are best avoided.
@TODO - Better organization.
Suggestions and contributions are welcome, please read the [contributing guidelines](

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