Adding A Virtual Target

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View a brief video tutorial here

Click the preview above for a brief video tutorial

Virtual targets are located in the targets folder along with a PNG version of the same target that you can print and tape to your wall. Any virtual target that is in the targets folder is listed on the add target slide, which you can access by clicking Targets -> Add Target on the main ShootOFF window:

The Add Target menu showing targets.

Clicking one of the listed targets automatically adds the target to the webcam feed:

A target added to the webcam feed after clicking it under the Add Target menu.

You can add as many virtual targets as you want, including copies of a target already on the webcam feed. If you click a virtual target on the webcam feed you can perform the following operations on it:

  • Move the target: left click and drag to move it to a new location or use the arrow keys on your keyboard (hold to move faster)
  • Scale the target: align your cursor with an extreme edge on the target until the cursor changes to resize arrows then click and drag or hold shift while hitting the arrow keys on your keyboard (hold to scale faster). You can make a target bigger or smaller proportionally by holding Ctrl + Shift + Up or Ctrl + Shift + Down respectively. Alternatively, you can drag the target from any resize anchor while holding Ctrl to scale it proportionally.
  • Delete the target: hit the delete key on your keyboard

The selected target has resize anchors (the gold boxes):

A target outlined in gold to show it has been selected.