Alternative Software

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There is another open source project for laser dry fire training here:



HomeLESS is licensed under the GPL instead of BSD and is written in the Processing programming language.

SharpSpotter is another free alternative to ShootOFF

Commercial systems

LASR is a commercial product that is focused on paper targets. It has plugins that add additional features for a cost.

OutWest Systems sells a laser shot detector that also has the capability to detect shots on targets using live fire at the shooting range. They have a number of different options that vary the price, but all are expensive and most come with hardware lock-in.

There are several commercial offerings that require a projector, but aside from iMarksman and Laser Shot they all seem to be extremely specialized:

iMarksman is fairly expensive because it requires you to have a projector and it requires you to use their proprietary camera. While the projector requirement is reasonable, we don't like hardware lock-in.

Laser Shot sells another expensive laser shot detector that utilizes a projector. They sell additional games and what ShootOFF calls training protocols separately for about as much as a new console (e.g. XBox) game.

A company called iDryfire makes an iPhone app that contains a simple shot timer and shot detection, but little else as far as we can tell:

This solution might be nice for dry firing while on the road. This is by far the cheapest commercial alternative to ShootOFF. ShootOFF does not currently run on mobile devices, however it could be converted to run on Android by replacing the user interface with a more mobile-friendly one.

DryFire USA sells software and hardware aimed at shotgun aficionados. Don't click the link unless you're prepared to spend more than $1k for a set-up.

Predator Tactical provides free (as in no cost) flash applets for training with moving targets. There is no shot detection: beware that you'll have to point a gun at something you don't wish to destroy.