Automatic Error Reporting

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Automatic error reporting was added in ShootOFF 3.5

ShootOFF supports automatic error reporting to allow us to collect statistics about the most common errors and the technical information required to help us find and fix the problem. Error reporting does not report personal data unless you use your real name as the account name you run ShootOFF with and the account name happens to appear in a path. It is not possible to automatically report every possible error. If you are having a problem running ShootOFF you should still contact us via email or Reddit (see contact information at the top of the Wiki home page). The first time you run ShootOFF you will get the following popup to remind you to ensure your gun is unloaded. At the bottom of this popup is a checkbox that you can uncheck if you want to opt-out of automatic error reporting. This popup will only appear once.

First run popup with automatic error reporting opt-out checkbox at the bottom

Assuming you leave the checkbox checked, when you get an error it will automatically be sent to our servers. This is what we see at a high level:

Exception and log error message with vote tallies

The numbers in the circles show how many times the error has happened total. This causes recent and common errors to float to the top of the list, thus allowing us to target our efforts at the most common problems.

If we click one of these exceptions we get technical details about the error to help us track down and fix the problem:

Exception details, no personal information is reported

Note there is no personal information in any of this data (the censored email address is for a ShootOFF developer who is managing this issue, it is not from reported data).