Camera Setup Tips

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Click here for a brief video tutorial on proper camera setup

Click here for a brief video tutorial on maximizing camera FPS

  • Try to place the camera in front of the shooter and 5-7 feet from the target. The camera will sense light changes whenever the shooter moves if it is to the side or to the side and behind. These light changes can make ShootOFF's noise filters less reliable.
  • Light sources should be normal: comfortable for the human eye. Any lighting sources should be casting consistent shadows that do not move. A light behind the shooter will make the filters less reliable if the shooter is moving. Similarly, a light on a ceiling fan will make the filters less reliable if the fan is on.
  • If you have a control panel to configure the camera, lower the camera's exposure a small amount. ShootOFF will try to compensate for it, but the easiest way to get optimal results is to turn it down. Too high of an exposure time will lower the FPS of your camera and cause shots to be missed! Too bright of a camera feed will also cause problems for recognizing shot color. See the image below for an example of adjusting the exposure in ShootOFF on Windows. The "Configure Camera" menu option can be reached by right clicking anywhere in the camera feed.

Example of exposure adjustment

  • If your camera feed is showing a lot of noise, it is likely too dark in the room. Your camera works best in normal lighting conditions. Add light to the room until the noise is gone.
  • The target area should take up as much of the camera feed as possible. The shot detection is improved by having a larger laser dot be visible in the camera feed.

This diagram illustrates a reasonable camera set-up when using a projector.

Reasonable camera placement when using a projector