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Adapter to integrate PhraseApp into a Symfony2 application
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PhraseApp In-Context Editor for Symfony2

The Symfony2 adapter lets you to connect the PhraseApp In-Context Editor to your Symfony2 application.

For more information, read the documentation.


We recommend creating a new environment in which the In-Context Editor is available. Let's call the new environment "translation":

Start by creating a new configuration file:

# app/config/config_translation.yml
    - { resource: config.yml }
    translator.class: Acme\YourBundle\Translation\PhraseTranslator

The environment should be accessible in the browser, so we should create a front controller for it:

# web/app_translation.php

require_once __DIR__.'/../app/bootstrap.php.cache';
require_once __DIR__.'/../app/AppKernel.php';

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

$kernel = new AppKernel('translation', false);

Add the "PhraseTranslator" class to your bundle. It will override the standard translation method to expose the translation keys to the In-Context Editor.

When everything is in place, add the JavaScript snippet to your layout:

# Acme/YourBundle/Resources/views/layout.html.twig
{% if app.environment == 'translation' %}
    projectId: "YOUR-PROJECT-ID"
(function() {
    var phraseapp = document.createElement('script'); phraseapp.type = 'text/javascript'; phraseapp.async = true;
    phraseapp.src = ['https://', '', new Date().getTime()].join('');
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(phraseapp, s);
{% endif %}

You can find your Project-ID in the PhraseApp Translation Center.

Your application is connected to the In-Context Editor. Reload your application to start the translation process!

More Information

The code in this tutorial was originally created by Malte Marx from marxbeck

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