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Go library for PhraseApp API v2
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Go library for PhraseApp API v2.

Start using it

  1. Download and install
    go get

  2. Import it in your code
    import ""

API examples

Init client

credentials := phraseapp.Credentials{
	Host:  "",
	Token: "access_token",
client := phraseapp.Client{
	Credentials: credentials,

Create project

projectName := "project_name"
sharesTranslationMemory := true
projectParams := phraseapp.ProjectParams{
	Name: &projectName,
	SharesTranslationMemory: &sharesTranslationMemory,
project, err := client.ProjectCreate(&projectParams)

Create locale

localeCode := "en-GB"
localeDetails := phraseapp.LocaleParams{
	Name: &localeCode,
	Code: &localeCode,
locale, err := client.LocaleCreate("project_id", &localeDetails)

Create key

keyName := "key_name"
tags := "tag1, tag2"
keyParams := phraseapp.TranslationKeyParams{
	Name: &keyName,
	Tags: &tags,
key, err := client.KeyCreate("project_id", &keyParams)

Create translation

localeID := "locale_id"
content := "my_content"
keyID := "key_id"
translationParams := phraseapp.TranslationParams{
    KeyID:    &keyID,
    LocaleID: &localeID,
    Content:  &content,
translation, err := client.TranslationCreate("project_id", &translationParams)

Upload translation file

fileName := "file.json"
fileFormat := "simple_json"
updateTranslations := true
uploadParams := phraseapp.UploadParams{
	File:               &fileName,
	LocaleID:           &localeID,
	FileFormat:         &fileFormat,
	UpdateTranslations: &updateTranslations,
upload, err := client.UploadCreate("project_id", &uploadParams)

Download locale as a file

fileFormat := "simple_json"
localeDownloadParams := phraseapp.LocaleDownloadParams{
	FileFormat: &fileFormat,
var localeData []byte
localeData, err := client.LocaleDownload("project_id", "locale_id", &localeDownloadParams)
ioutil.WriteFile("en.json", localeData, 0644)

Query translations

translationsQuery := "tags:tag1,tag2"
translationSearchParams := phraseapp.TranslationsSearchParams{
	Q: &translationsQuery,
translations, err := client.TranslationsSearch("project_id", 1, 1000, &translationSearchParams)

More query options

For a more complete example the wiki contains an example how to upload files as translations to PhraseApp.


This library is auto-generated from templates that run against a API specification file. Therefore we can not accept any pull requests in this repository. Please use the GitHub Issue Tracker to report bugs.

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