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Use react-intl with PhraseApp In-Context Editor
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react-intl-phraseapp is an addon for react-intl that lets you connect localized react applications to the PhraseApp In-Context Editor.


To use react-intl-phraseapp with your application you have to:


You can find a demo project on GitHub.


via NPM:

npm install react-intl-phraseapp

Build form source

You can also build it directly from source to get the latest and greatest:

npm run dist


npm install


let config = {
  projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>',
  phraseEnabled: true,
  prefix: "[[__",
  suffix: "__]]",
  fullReparse: true

You can find the Project-ID in the Project overview in the PhraseApp Translation Center

JavaScript snippet

Add the following snippet to your react app.

import {initializePhraseAppEditor} from 'react-intl-phraseapp'

let config = {
  projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>',
  phraseEnabled: true,
  prefix: "[[__",
  suffix: "__]]",
  fullReparse: true


If this does not work for you, you can also integrate the JavaScript snippet manually.

Import from react-intl-phrasapp rather than from react-intl

Find all imports of FormattedMessage, FormattedHTMLMessage and change the source from react-intl to react-intl-phrasapp.

import {FormattedMessage} from 'react-intl-phraseapp'

How does it work?

The library inherits common components of the react-intl packages. In case you enabled PhraseApp by calling initializePhraseAppEditor the behaviour of the components will be changed.


Question? Contact us at:

Issue? use GitHub issues and share the problem


Run unit tests using jest:

npm test
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