Autotuning High-Level Synthesis for FPGAs
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LegUp Parameter Autotuner

This repository contains an autotuner for LegUp's parameters, using metrics obtained before and after Quartus place-and-route.


You will need to install Docker and OpenTuner before setting up.

Building the Docker Image

Use our Dockerfile to build the Docker image containing LegUp, GXemul and Altera Quartus Prime. The image also contains a copy of CHStone applications ready for tuning. To use Altera Quartus Prime you will need to modify the Dockerfile to export and configure your license. Additional instructions to configure Docker for building the image are available at our Dockerfile repository.

Running the Autotuner

After installing the dependencies and building the Docker image you are ready run the post place-and-route autotuner. To do that with default settings, go to the post_place_and_route/py directory and run:

$ ./

You can change tuning run settings by modifying the script. The autotuner is configured to run CHStone applications.