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The Future of Presentations

Making good presentations was never easier before!

  • write simple text in your favourite markup language
  • compile it to HTML
  • Show off

The Goods

  • easy to structure
    • make of the clean simple style of markdown text
    • use your favourite editor with syntax highlighting
  • spread your document to several files
  • get a wonderful, elegant presentation using the outstanding deck.js library
  • customized by your needs using by applying your CSS stylesheets

How to use

Simply embed the slide tag into your markup:


Here starts a new slide

Compile it to HTML

ruby md2slide.rb <>


A simple #slide followd by a colon followed by the slide title

You can add custom css classes to the slide tag:


This will add customclass as a class to the resulting

html tag. You will need to add your custom style sheet to the template.erb

Structure your content

Include other markdown files by using the include tag


Be sure all tags are are on a single new line, with no indentation!


  • ruby
  • maruku
  • erubis
  • [deck.js] deck