Bootstrap and secure your server in 5 minutes flat.
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Bootstrap and secure your server in 5 minutes flat. A riff on this excellent post:

There's a blog post that I wrote to go along with this. Check it out!


Step 1: Set the root password


yourmachine$ ssh root@server

Enter the initial root password from your hosting provider, then run:

root@server# passwd

Step 2: Fetch the bootstrap recipe

yourmachine ~$ git clone
yourmachine ~$ cd 5minbootstrap

Step 3: Edit hosts.ini

Ansible needs to know about the servers you want to manage. There is no fancy central database, just a text file with a list of servers. Oh, it's called an "inventory file."

Edit the hosts.ini that came with the repository. Replace with your IP address, and :2222 with your SSH port.


Step 4: Update the SSH public key.

yourmachine ~/5minbootstrap$ cp ~/.ssh/ ./

For simplicity I provided my public key in the repo. Unless you want to grant me login access to your server, you probably want to change that. :-)

Step 5: Run the playbook

This is the needed invocation for Vagrant:

yourmachine ~/5minbootstrap$ ansible-playbook -i hosts.ini bootstrap.yml --ask-pass --sudo

If you are logging into a fresh Linode, or another sytem where you only have the root user, you need to run this command:

yourmachine ~/5minbootstrap$ ansible-playbook -i hosts.ini bootstrap.yml --user root --ask-pass

Step 6: Go get a cup of coffee because you're DONE.

I prefer hand-ground French pressed coffee myself. Tea is also fine.