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How to change what minds are fighting:
After running python for the first time, a file named
default.cfg will be created in the same directory, open this with your
favorite text editor, and change the part that reads:
minds = mind1,mind2
to whatever mind names you want to have fight. Note that the mind
names don't include the .py extension, and that the .py files should
be located in the ./minds directory
You can have from 2 to 4 minds specified, all comma-delimited
How to build a Mind:
make your own .py file with whatever name you like.
Import whatever modules you want to use (random, math, etc)
and also import cells
the only thing absolutely required for a mind that doesn't instantly
lose is this:
class AgentMind:
def act(self, view, msg):
return cells.Action(cells.ACT_EAT)
Minds can have other class methods to assist in writing the act
method, but remember, when calling another method to determine what
action to take, you must have a chain of return statements leading all
the way back to the AgentMind.act method.
If you don't you'll get a an error that looks like this:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 570, in <module>
File "", line 242, in tick
File "", line 158, in run_agents
if action.type == ACT_MOVE: # Changes position of agent.
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'type'
This is because your act method failed to explicitly return something,
and so python helpfully passed a None instead.
Allowed cell actions:
These actions do not require any other arguments:
All of these arguments have other requirements, usually a location,
specified by a global location. Valid offsets are directly adjacent
cells to the current position so (me.x +/- 1, me.y +/- 1)
cells.Action(cells.ACT_SPAWN, (x, y), self)
cells.Action(cells.ACT_MOVE, (x, y))
cells.Action(cells.ACT_ATTACK, (x, y))
Commands in Game window:
spacebar starts a new game.
q quits the game.
e toggles energy display.
a toggles agent display.
Useful properties of the view and msg arguments:
get_me() - return the object that is the current agent (see 'me' below)
get_agents() - return a list of the agents that can be seen
(see 'agent' below)
get_plants() - return a list of the plants that can be seen
(see 'plant' below)
get_energy().get(x_pos, y_pos) - return the amount of energy at coordinates
energy - integer value indicating amount of energy
loaded - boolean value indicating loaded status
get_eff() - get the efficiency factor of the plant