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Colophon: How I Maintain my Website

After years of struggling with pre-packaged frameworks (e.g., Flask, and static-site generators (e.g., Jekyll), I gave up!

My conclusion is that they don't scale down and don't suite my needs. I need a custom workflow to generate and build my pages. All these existing frameworks are great in what they do, but they are just this close to what I needed, yet not quite exactly what I needed.

So, my approach from now on is to take the best bits from each functionality I need, and package them together my way.

Functionalities and Best Tools

I need only basic functionalities:

  • convert from X to Y (e.g., from Markdown to HTML, from BibTeX or LaTeX to HTML),
  • procure and package static files.

There exist some solid tools for these essential functionalities:

  • pandoc for general-purpose multi-format conversion,
  • pandoc-citeproc for Markdown to BibTeX with citation support,
  • browserify to add a JS library with ease,
  • node-sass for SASS to CSS (with minification support),
  • uglifyjs for JS minification,
  • npm to keep dependecies and static files in order.

The Overall Workflow

The overall workflow is orchestrated by a simple shell script (, which essentially implements the following:

_input/*/*.md --pandoc--> _output/*/*.html
_src/js/*.js --browserify | uglifyjs--> _output/s/js/app.js
_src/css/*.scss --node-sass--> _output/s/css/app.css
_static/* --cp -R--> _output/s/*

Dead simple, and the tools are not inter-dependent. One day I can decide to drop node-sass and replace it with something else.

Behind the Curtain

There's a little bit behind the scene, which is handled by npm and a package.json file to take care of procuring static files (e.g., CSS frameworks, web fonts, JS libraries).

How I use it?

Whenever I need to change something, I work in the _input folder, and type ./ when I'm done. This builds the output into _output, which I symlinked to the working copy of a separate Git repository that I use to serve the final files.