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#include <iostream>
#include <sstream>
#include <fstream>
#include "data/constructs/Key.h"
#include "data/constructs/KeyValue.h"
#include "data/constructs/security/AuthInfo.h"
#include "data/constructs/security/Authorizations.h"
#include "scanner/constructs/Results.h"
#include "scanner/impl/Scanner.h"
#include "writer/impl/SinkImpl.h"
#include "data/constructs/client/zookeeperinstance.h"
#include "interconnect/Master.h"
#include "interconnect/tableOps/TableOperations.h"
#include "interconnect/securityOps/SecurityOperations.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
//This code shows an example of reading data from an Accumulo instance.
std::string instancestr = argv[1];
std::string zookeepers = argv[2];
std::string username = argv[3];
std::string password = argv[4];
std::string table = "testtable";
auto instance = new cclient::data::zookeeper::ZookeeperInstance(instancestr,
zookeepers, 1000);
cclient::data::security::AuthInfo creds(username, password,
auto master = new interconnect::MasterConnect(&creds, instance);
auto ops = master->tableOps(table);
// create the scanner with ten threads.
cclient::data::security::Authorizations auths;
auto scanner = ops->createScanner(&auths, 10);
// range from a to d
auto startkey = std::make_shared<cclient::data::Key>();
startkey->setRow("a", 1);
auto stopKey = std::make_shared<cclient::data::Key>();
stopKey->setRow("d", 1);
cclient::data::Range range(startkey, true, stopKey, true);
// build your range.
auto results = scanner->getResultSet();
for (const auto &iter : results) {
auto kv = *iter;
if (kv != NULL && kv->getKey() != NULL)
cout << "got -- " << (*iter)->getKey() << endl;
cout << "Key is null" << endl;
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