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Assets 3

There is quite a fair bit that is changing in this version. This may be a little strange and if you run into any glitches, please let me know.

  • We are retiring Batch Simming and replacing it with Quick Simming. Batch simming was clunky and unclear how it worked. Quick Simming directly runs on simc and supports inputs like Top Gear profiles from Raidbots or profilesets. Since it runs directly on simc with no modifications you can do more advanced profile operations with existing workflows. It also still supports your normal basic /simc and armory runs.
  • Adding caching of Armory settings. If you run an Armory sim and it completes successfully, next time you try to run an Armory sim those values with automatically populate.
  • Moving to a new nightly. Because of issues with the simc nightly I am moving to my own custom one. This means smaller, faster downloads and more rapid updates for future hotfixes. The downside is I have to update these builds myself manually now. This means all the azerite changes are in now.
  • Fixed / Improved Experience for a series of bugs that can happen while running SimC (most of these issues were doubly resolved with the new nightly).
  • Greatly reduced the size of magicsim and the storage footprint of SimC (to less than 3/4ths of what it used to be).

Cheers, and please make me aware of any issues with the SimC executable, as this is a slightly different version.