Rails Integration Active Job

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You can tell Shoryuken to load your Rails application by passing the -R or --rails flag to the shoryuken command.

If you load Rails, and assuming your workers are located in the app/jobs directory, they will be auto-loaded. This means you don't need to require them explicitly with -r.

For middleware and other configuration, you might want to create an initializer:

# config/initializers/shoryuken.rb

Shoryuken.configure_server do |config|
  # Replace Rails logger so messages are logged wherever Shoryuken is logging
  # Note: this entire block is only run by the processor, so we don't overwrite
  #       the logger when the app is running as usual.

  Rails.logger = Shoryuken::Logging.logger
  Rails.logger.level = Rails.application.config.log_level

  # config.server_middleware do |chain|
  #  chain.add Shoryuken::MyMiddleware
  # end

  # For dynamically adding queues prefixed by Rails.env 
  # Shoryuken.add_group('default', 25)
  # %w(queue1 queue2).each do |name|
  #   Shoryuken.add_queue("#{Rails.env}_#{name}", 1, 'default')
  # end

Note: In the above case, since we are replacing the Rails logger, it's desired that this initializer runs before other initializers (in case they themselves use the logger). Since by Rails conventions initializers are executed in alphabetical order, this can be achieved by prepending the initializer filename with 00_ (assuming no other initializers alphabetically precede this one).

This feature works for Rails 4+, but needs to be confirmed for older versions.

Active Job Support

Yes, Shoryuken supports Active Job! This means that you can put your jobs in processor-agnostic ActiveJob::Base subclasses, and change processors whenever you want (or better yet, switch to Shoryuken from another processor easily!).

It works as expected once your queuing backend is set to :shoryuken. Just put your job in app/jobs. Here's an example:

# app/jobs/process_photo_job.rb
class ProcessPhotoJob < ActiveJob::Base
  queue_as :default

  rescue_from ActiveJob::DeserializationError do |ex|
    Shoryuken.logger.error ex
    Shoryuken.logger.error ex.backtrace.join("\n")

  def perform(photo)

Note: When queueing jobs to be performed in the future (e.g. when setting the wait or wait_until Active Job options), SQS limits the amount of time to 15 minutes (see delay_seconds). Shoryuken will raise an exception if you attempt to schedule a job further into the future than this limit.

Note: Active Job allows you to prefix the queue names of all jobs. Shoryuken supports this behavior natively. By default, though, queue names defined in the config file (or passed to the CLI), are not prefixed in the same way. To have Shoryuken honor Active Job prefixes you must enable that option explicitly. A good place to do that in Rails is in an initializer:

# config/initializers/shoryuken.rb
Shoryuken.active_job_queue_name_prefixing = true
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