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TTIN tells Shoryuken to print backtraces for all threads in the process along with the current number of busy and ready processors and the actual weights of the queues.

kill -TTIN [shoryuken_pid]


TSTP tells Shoryuken to stop receiving new messages, but continue to work on already received messages.

This signal does not exit Shoryuken, you still need to TERM for exiting the process.

kill -TSTP [shoryuken_pid]


USR1 tells Shoryuken to soft shutdown. It will stop accepting new work and exit when all processors are done.

kill -USR1 [shoryuken_pid]


TERM tells Shoryuken to hard shutdown within a timeout. Any processors that do not finish within the timeout are hard terminated and their messages are pushed back to AWS SQS. The timeout defaults to 8 seconds since all Heroku processes must exit within 10 seconds.

The timeout can be defined through the -t option or in the -C shoryuken.yml config by setting the timeout: N value.

kill -TERM [shoryuken_pid]
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