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Paul Hubbard
Dec 7 2011
This project is an evolution of the 'office-weather' project:
You can see the data at
This version is a simplification - removing the buildbot hooks,
and planning on adding an external sensor node via Xbee.
Think 'simple indoor-outdoor weather station', only over engineered, less reliable and more fun to hack.
Hardware requirements:
* Arduino or many other sources
* Ethernet shield
* Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20 precision digital temperature sensor.
* Sparkfun TEMT6000 light sensor eval board
* Ohmic Instruments SC-600 humidity sensor and signal conditioning module.
About $15, quite cheap for a sensor this nice. You need an external RC
lowpass, so two more components in the circuit. See the PDF.
* Optional mini breadboard
Service requirements:
* Pachube account
Software requirements:
* Arduino plus OneWire library
Current status and functionality:
* Poll the hardware and pushes an update to Pachube
* Converts temp to floating point
-reads humidity
-corrects humidity for temperature
-reads raw light value
* I had reliability problems with Ethernet and Zigbee, so the current code uses a server-side python app and USB.
* Generating the payload for Pachube was a bit tricky.
* Pachube API in separate file, going to move feed ID to config.ini
* Solar-power Arduino in watertight enclosure.
* Need to calibrate light sensor and correct for temperature
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