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A framework for writing handlers for Mongrel2 in PHP.
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Seraph is a framework for writing handlers for Mongrel2 in PHP.


You've heard of Mongrel2, right? One of the many awesome features of Mongrel2 is that it supports handlers. I think of handlers as long-running applications that publish responses to requests that are pulled from a Mongrel2 server using a couple of ØMQ sockets.

I wrote Seraph because I wanted to highlight that, with the help of Mikko Koppanen's "php-zmq" PHP extension, PHP is no longer bound by the lifecycle of an Apache web server.

Hello, World

Here's the smallest "Hello, World!" application that I can write cleanly:


require_once '/path/to/seraph/autoload.php';

// App
class HelloWorldApp implements Seraph_Application_Interface
    public function onRequest(Seraph_Request $request, Seraph_Response $response) {
        $response->setBody('Hello, World!');

$app = new HelloWorldApp();

// Handler
$signals = new Seraph_Signal_Collection();
$handler = new Seraph_Handler('seraph_handler_test', $signals);
$handler->registerServer('Mongrel2', 'tcp://', 'tcp://')

See Also

  1. The Mongrel2 Web Server Project
  2. ØMQ Community - zeromq
  3. mkoppanen/php-zmq - GitHub


Seraph is licensed under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2011 Sam Smith. See the LICENSE file for full copyright and license information.

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