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@@ -8,9 +8,8 @@ Brain-free [syslog](** logging for
implements all `console` functions and formatting. Also *ain* supports UTF-8
(tested on Debian Testing/Sid).
-*Ain* send messages by UDP to `` (it's more scalable than
-unix domain socket `/dev/log`) in
-[RFC 3164](
+*Ain* can send messages by UDP to `` or to the a unix socket;
+/dev/log on Linux and /var/run/syslog on Mac OS X
*In the Phoenician alphabet letter "ain" indicates eye.
@@ -48,20 +47,27 @@ By default *ain* sets following destinations:
* `TAG` - `__filename`
* `Facility` - user (1)
* `HOSTNAME` - localhost
-* `HOSTNAME` - 514
+* `PORT` - 514
+* `Transport` - UDP or Unix socket
You can change them by `set` function. `set` function is chainable.
var logger = require('ain2')
- .set('node-test-app', 'daemon', 'devhost', 3000);
+ .set({tag: 'node-test-app', facility: 'daemon', hostname: 'devhost', port: 3000});
logger.warn('some warning');
... and in `/var/log/daemon.log`:
Dec 5 07:08:58 devhost node-test-app[10045]: some warning
-`set` function takes three arguments: `tag`, `facility` and `hostname`. All
-of these are optional.
+`set` function takes one argument, a configuration object which can contain the following keys:
+ * tag - defaults to __filename
+ * facility - defaults to user
+ * hostname - defaults to require('os').hostname()
+ * port - defaults to 514
+ * transport - defaults to 'UDP', can also be 'file'
+All of these are optional. If you provide a `hostname` transport is automatically set to UDP
`tag` and `hostname` arguments is just *RFC 3164* `TAG` and `HOSTNAME` of
your messages.
@@ -91,17 +97,18 @@ your messages.
You can set `facility` by `String` or `Number`:
- logger.set('node-test-app', 3);
- logger.set('node-test-app', 'daemon');
+ logger.set({tag: 'node-test-app', facility: 3});
+ logger.set({tag: 'node-test-app', facility: 'daemon'});
-Also you can set `TAG`, `Facility` and `HOSTNAME` separatelly by `setTag`,
-`setFacility` and `setHostname` functions. All of them is chainable too.
+Also you can set `TAG`, `Facility`, `HOSTNAME`, `PORT`, and `transport` separately by `setTag`,
+`setFacility`, `setHostname`, `setPort` and `setTransport` functions. All of them are chainable too.
-You can get all destinations by theese properties:
+You can get all destinations by these properties:
* `tag` TAG
* `facility` Numerical representation of RFC 3164 facility
* `hostname` HOSTNAME
+* `port` PORT
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