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Of Remote Islands, Monsters, and Polyglot Knights

Developing multi player mobile games has many stories, this is one of it
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-# My talk title
+# Of Remote Islands, Monsters, and Polyglot Knights
-My talk description
+Dive deep into the mystical waters surrounding ye' olde mobile game development. Swim to this fantastical island ravaged by a foreboding and phoney creature protectively hovering over her shy, industrious cubs: billy 'the choppy' bad con and jack 'the forgetful' sync. Scramble past forest and fawn to match riddles with the Polyglot Order of Artificial Intelligence, speaking their prescient lyrical language of Objective-C, Ruby, or Erlang. Come closer and listen to these stories of woe, of trials and tests in these dreadful lands.
+## Patrick Huesler
-## My name
+Patrick, the Ruby "Eidgenosse", Huesler is a developer based in Berlin. He works as an engineer for wooga, a social game company, where he builds backend systems. He is an active member of Berlin's Ruby user group, a co-organizer of EuRuKo 2011, likes to hack on open source software and dreams about going surfing and skating on longboards more often.
-My bio
-![Profile picture](
+![Profile picture](
-- [My website](
-- [My twitter](!/twitter_handle)
-- [Past talk slides](
-- [Past talk video](
+- [My website](
+- [My twitter](!/phuesler)
+- [Past talk slides](
+- [Past talk slides](
+- [Past talk video](
+- Video of 2011 should be available soon
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