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Ruby on Rails Bundle for TextMate

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Rails TextMate Bundle


Features I've added to the bundle include:

Shoulda Support

  • Full shoulda support WITHOUT having to swap your active bundle. This allows you to continue using the Rails bundle, but still all the advantages of my Shoulda bundle:
    • syntax highlighting,
    • ability to run tests and contexts from textmate
    • shoulda snippets and commands
    • ⌘⇧+T lists shoulda tests / contexts

Other Changes

  • ⌥+␣ (option + spacebar) shows methods for a class or instance. (Simulates autocomplete of more powerful IDEs)
  • ⌥+: aligns code (ie if you have a hash on multiple lines, you can easily align all the keys with the first key)
  • ⌥⇧+M opens a window of recent migrations with links to open the migration file
  • ⌥⇧+L lets you easily open or tail rails logs (development, test, production)
  • rest⇥ - snippets for rest named routes (you'll never need to pull out that rest cheatsheet again!)
  • ⌘⇧+T lists factory names (when file includes Factory Girl definitions)
  • Fac ⇥ allows searching of all factories definitions and inserts selected factory as a snippet (assumes your factories are in your test/factories/ dir)
  • Command to convert move :table, :column, :after => :another_column into the proper migration format with the column type
  • Lots of other rails snippets: Rails.root, asserts, scopes, etc.


  1. $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/
  2. $ git clone git:// Rails.tmbundle
  3. $ osascript -e 'tell app "TextMate" to reload bundles'

If you'd like to install all my bundles, check out this script written by mkdynamic. It installs all bundles and backups any existing bundles with conflicting names. Thanks Mark!

My Other Textmate Bundles

My bundles work best when use in conjunction with my other bundles:

Credits Logo

Additions by Philippe Huibonhoa and funded by

Original bundle and it's contributors can be found here

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