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Align Lines.tmCommand
All Open Tabs.tmCommand
Check ERB Syntax.plist
Check Ruby Syntax.plist
Completion: Ruby (rcodetools).tmCommand
Enclose in * (RDoc comments).tmCommand
Enclose in + (RDoc comments).tmCommand
Enclose in _ (RDoc comments).tmCommand
Execute Line : Selection as Ruby Replace.tmCommand
Execute Line with Ruby.plist
Execute and Insert Results.tmCommand
Fogbugz Email.tmCommand
Insert Missing Requires.plist
Insert debug puts counter.tmCommand
Lookup in Documentation.plist
Make Destructive Call.plist
New Method.plist
Omit from RDoc.tmCommand
Open Require.tmCommand
Rake:Sake task using file path.tmCommand
Replace Escaped Chars.tmCommand
Reset debug puts counter.tmCommand
Run Rake Task.tmCommand
Run focused unit test.plist
Show Open Tabs (sorted).tmCommand
Show RDoc for this file.plist
Sub Header.tmCommand
Test Header:Footer.tmCommand
Toggle ERb Tags.tmCommand
Toggle Quote Style.plist
Toggle Quote Style.tmCommand
Toggle Ruby Hash 1_8:1_9 syntax.tmDelta
Toggle String:Symbol.tmCommand
Toggle Try If Available.tmCommand
Toggle Try.tmCommand
Toggle ‘do … end’ : ‘{ … }’.tmDelta
gsub - remove whitespace from front of line.tmCommand
word_wrap() (worw).plist