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TM Ctags


CTag support originally by sbenhaim/tm-ctags-tmbundle.

My additions to this bundle include:

  • Ability to backtrack. When you jump to a method / class your current position is saved. ⌘⇧+B will take you back to your previous location.
  • Support for background indexing
  • Rubymine keybindings
  • Indexing of Factory_Girl Factories (by Dan Luchi)
  • Indexing of Shared Shoulds, Setups and Contexts (by Michael G Pearce)

Ctags code completion and navigation for TextMate.

Update Project Tags


Builds or updates the tag index in the root directory of your project. This is a prerequisite to running any of the other commands in this bundle and should be run as your project changes.

I have a non-polling solution that indexes projects in the background (see below for more info)

Jump to Method Definition (Select from a list of methods if multiple matches)

⌃] or ⌘+B

Jumps to the file and line where the tag under the cursor is defined.

Autocomplete Method (Select from a list of method(args) if multiple matches)

⌘< or ⌃+Space

Provides completions for the current word—including method/function arguments—pulling from the functions, methods, and classes defined in your project.

Jump to Method Definition

⌘⇧P or ⌘⌃+Space

Prompts for a tag (or the start of a tag) and jumps to the file and line where that tag is defined.

Shell Variables (advanced)


You can now exploit tags in another project by pointing the TM_CTAGS_EXT_LIB project variable at another project root with a .tmtags file. Thanks to seanfarley for this contribution.


Space-delimited list of files or directories you don't want tagged. Shell wildcards work. (.git, .svn, and .cvs are already excluded.) For example:

.hg *.js


Space-delimited list of files you do want tagged. TM_CTAGS_EXCLUDES is ignored if you use TM_CTAGS_INCLUDES.

Update: These now use the same format as TM_CTAGS_EXCLUDES, not extended regexp format. Shell wildcards work.


Have your own ctags configuration? Save it to a file and point this shell variable at it. (Maps to --options.) Excludes and includes are ignored if you specify your own options.

(There are a few options required for proper functionality of this bundle which will be added to the argument list you provide.)


Only 300 matching results are displayed by default. Use this setting to override this value.

##Background Indexing I've come up with a solution that indexes my projects on change (rather than polling). Only works on mac. If you are interesting in setting this up, let me know and I can lend a hand when I get some free time. I haven't yet devised a way to make this solution easily configurable / sharable.


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Additions by Philippe Huibonhoa, Dan Luchi and Michael G Pearce. Funded by BookRenter.com.

Original bundle and it's contributors can be found here