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Get started
-Download and extract the installer as ZIP or TAR.GZ file from a tagged version here:
-[Download from github](
-Enter the app root folder
+1. [Download from github]( & extract file
+2. Enter the app root folder and run the installer
-cd phundament-app-SHA1
+php composer.phar install --dev --prefer-source
+3. Open `phundament-app/www/index.php` in your browser
-Get the packages with composer, note: if you want to install for MySQL, you have to update your config first.
+*Note: if you want to install Phundament 3 with a MySQL database, you have to update your config first.*
+*You may skip the `--dev` and `--prefer-source` options on production systems.*
-php composer.phar install --dev
+How it works?
+ * the installer retrieves the packages specified in [`composer.json`](
+ * executes the `composer.callbacks` from [`config/console.php`](
+ * the web-application is pre-configured in [`config/main.php`](
-All setup, database, file permissions and config settings should be done automatically.
-You may skip the --dev option on production systems, at the moment it just adds LESS support for your bootstrap-based themes.
+More [details](
Try a demo

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