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autoStorage - A jQuery plugin for automatic webstorage

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A jQuery plugin for automatic webstorage


You need jQuery to run this plugin. I used jQuery v1.6.4 to develope this plugin, but older versions may handle it too. Your browser needs support for webstorage stuff.


Just call autoStorage() on any set of forms (e.g. $('form').autoStorage();) and the values will be saved in the specified webstorage by submitting the form and reloaded by reloading the page.


  • Every form needs a unique name.

  • Every element in the form needs a unique name (except radiobuttons).

  • For element names containing array-brackets, use indeces. (e.g name[1], name[2] ... multipe fields with the same name will cause overwriting data)


  • "storageType" : "local" | "session"

    Define the type of storage. At the moment there is no support for sqlite (As it is absolutely useless due a lack of support by most browsers). The default is "local". If you are new to the webstorage feature: "localStorage" keeps the data like forever while "sessionStorage" is a temporary storage, that will be deleted after you quit your browser.

  • "exclude" : ["element1", "element2" ... ]

    Pass an array with element names to exclude from storage.

  • "submit" : true | false

    Defines wether the form will be submitted. Set this to false, for ajax like forms.


$(document).ready( function() {

    $('form').autoStorage( {
        'submit' : true,
        'storageType' : 'local',
        'exclude' : ['textfield1', 'textfield2']

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