Minimalistic WebUI for passiveDNS tool
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WebUI for passivedns

Minimalistic WebUI for passiveDNS tool by gamelinux.

This app is built with:


  • Ubuntu 12.04:
    apt-get install mysql-client libmysqlclient-dev ruby rubygems
    gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc
  • Ubuntu 10.04:
$ apt-get install libmysqlclient16 ruby ruby-dev rubygems libruby libruby-extras
# you need to install latest rubygem manually ( >= v1.3.6)
$    gem install rubygems-update
$    cd /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin && ./update_rubygems
 $  gem install bundler --no-ri --no-rdoc
  • Fedora16
$ yum install ldns ldns-devel libpcap-devel openssl-devel ruby rubygems rubygem-bundler rubygem-rack libffi-devel libffi mysql-devel
  • Get code and install dependencies
$ git clone git://
$ sudo bundle install


  • supply database information in file: config/database.yml
$ cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
# database settings
adapter: mysql
host: localhost
port: 3306
username: pdns
password: pdns
database: pdns
  • review application look and feel and copy example file: config/app.yml
$ cp config/app.yml.example config/app.yml
# Application Version
version: v0.0.5
# Application Look
per_page: 80                           # number of rows per page
short_date_format: "%T"                # this is for today's date
long_date_format: "%Y-%m-%d at %T"     # format of all other dates
human_readable_counter: true           # set to 'false' for exact counter
# Google Safebrowings
gsafebrowsing_enable: false            # set to 'true' to enable
gsafebrowsing_apikey: 'API-KEY'        # provide Google's API key
gsafebrowsing_url: ''
gsafebrowsing_version: '3.0'           # Google's Safebrowsing Lookup API Release


  • Running for development using test:
$ rackup
  • Or running with Passenger aka modrails
$ sudo aptitude install libapache2-mod-passenger
$ cat /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/pdns
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /home/pdns-ui/public
    <Directory /home/pdns-ui/public>
        Allow from all
        Options -MultiViews

for more details visit:


  • add more unit tests
  • anything else check ROADMAP


Open for feedback, suggestions and wishes...