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Phunware Mobile Engagement SDK for iOS
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Engagement SDK for iOS

Version 3.7.4


This is Phunware's iOS SDK for Mobile Engagement, a location and notification-based system. Visit for more details and to sign up.


  • PWCore 3.8.x
  • iOS 10.0 or greater
  • Xcode 8 or greater


Framework documentation is included in the the repository's Documents folder in both HTML and Docset formats.

Important Note: To align with best practices, PWEngagement no longer prompts for notification nor location permissions, leaving control to the app developer. For PWEngagement to fully function as designed, both permissions must be granted.

  • Notification permission: We recommend following Apple's best practices. If permission is not granted the app will not receive push notifications.

  • Location permission: To perform optimally, PWEngagement needs the user to “Always Allow” location in order to properly search for Geofences activity in the background. We recommend following Apple's best practices when asking for this permission. If “Only when in use” or “Don’t allow” is chosen, the app will not monitor for regions in the background. Therefore it will not receive geofence notifications or range on beacons in the background.

    • PWEngagement supports "Only when in use" for limited functionality as of PWEngagement 3.6.0. When the application is in the foreground with "Only when in use" permission, PWEngagement will deliver geofence and beacon campaigns as intended.
  • Background modes: PWEngagement requires several different background capabilities, which may be enabled by navigating to your project's target's settings under Capabilities then Background Modes.

    • Location Updates: Required for region monitoring in background.
    • Uses Bluetooth LE accessories: Required to receive beacon campaigns.
    • Background fetch: Required to react to background location updates appropriately.
    • Remote notifications: Required to receive APNs notifications in background.

Steps to run the sample app

  1. Create a new iOS Engagement application in MaaS portal.

  2. Go to the directory of sample app and do a pod install.

  3. Add the following key/value pairs to Info.plist:

  • MaaSAppId: The application ID from MaaS Portal.
  • MaaSAccessKey: The access key from MaaS Portal.
  • MaaSSignatureKey: The signature key from MaaS Portal.
  1. Configure your app for push notifications.
    • Go to and create a push notification certificate (tutorial link).

    • Once it's created, download the push production certificate and add it to Keychain Access. Then, from Keychain Access, export both the certificate and key. (Right click to view the Export option) as a .p12 and set a password.

    • Now, log on to the MaaS Portal, navigate to the app created for your application and update the following.

      • Certificate (.p12): Click the grey ellipses button to upload the Production Push Certificate you created on
      • Password: The password you setup for the push certificate.
      • Environment: Use Production environment for production apps.


PWEngagement uses the following third-party components.

Component Description License
FMDB This is an Objective-C wrapper around SQLite: MIT


You understand and consent to Phunware’s Privacy Policy located at If your use of Phunware’s software requires a Privacy Policy of your own, you also agree to include the terms of Phunware’s Privacy Policy in your Privacy Policy to your end users.


Use of this software requires review and acceptance of our terms and conditions for developer use located at

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