Ruby wrapper for the St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) API
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This is a Ruby wrapper for the St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data Fred API.


As a gem:

gem install fred -v 0.3.0    

Get a FRED API key

Sign up for a Fred API key:


Instantiate a client

>> fred = => 'your_api_key')

or configure once

>> Fred.configure do |config|
>>   config.api_key = 'your_api_key'
>> end
>> fred =


>> fred.category(nil, :category_id => '125')
=> <#Hashie::Mash categories=<#Hashie::Mash category=<#Hashie::Mash id="125" name="Trade Balance" parent_id="13">>>

>> fred.series(nil, :series_id => 'GNPA')
=> #<Hashie::Mash seriess=#<Hashie::Mash realtime_end="2013-08-26" realtime_start="2013-08-26" series=#<Hashie::Mash frequency="Annual" frequency_short="A" id="GNPA" last_updated="2013-07-31 09:26:17-05" notes="BEA Account Code: A001RC1" observation_end="2012-01-01" observation_start="1929-01-01" popularity="46" realtime_end="2013-08-26" realtime_start="2013-08-26" seasonal_adjustment="Not Seasonally Adjusted" seasonal_adjustment_short="NSA" title="Gross National Product" units="Billions of Dollars" units_short="Bil. of $">>>

>> fred.series('observations', :series_id => 'GNPA')
=> #<Hashie::Mash observations=#<Hashie::Mash count="84" file_type="xml" limit="100000" observation=[#<Hashie::Mash date="1929-01-01" realtime_end="2013-08-26" realtime_start="2013-08-26" value="105.3">,
#<Hashie::Mash date="2012-01-01" realtime_end="2013-08-26" realtime_start="2013-08-26" value="16497.4">] observation_end="9999-12-31" observation_start="1776-07-04" offset="0" order_by="observation_date" output_type="1" realtime_end="2013-08-26" realtime_start="2013-08-26" sort_order="asc" units="lin">>


Contact me if you have any suggestions and feel free to fork it!

Copyright (c) 2009 Johnny Khai Nguyen, released under the MIT license