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Hover Example Apps

(works out-of-the-box on Binder)

This repository demonstrates the usage of hover to understand and supervise a machine learning task.

Simple Annotator Binder

  • use the lasso/tap/poly tool to select data points
  • assign your labels and hit "Apply"
  • in a real use case on your computer, "Export" will save a DataFrame
  • take advantage of the text/regex search box

Linked Annotator Binder


  • on top of the Simple Annotator, showes another plot which is focused on search
  • the search boxes are independent across plots, minimizing interference in between
  • 💡 the selections in the plots are synchronized. You can select in one and label in the other!

Active Learning Binder


  • compared with the Linked Annotator, replaces the left plot with the predictions of a model in the loop
  • 💡 inspect data points based on their prediction confidence and locations!

Snorkel Annotator Binder

  • compared with the Linked Annotator, replaces the left plot with Snorkel labeling function outputs
  • in a real use case, you can check the labeling functions and your annotations against each other.
  • 💡 one could also exploit labeling functions as sophisticated "filters" to help find interesting data points!


Binder repository for the hover package