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PhUSE CS Central Tendency Standard Analyses

User & Contributor Guide
Version 0.1

PhUSE CS Central Tendency analyses and displays are described in detail in the White Paper on Measures of Central Tendency (WPCT), which PhUSE have published in the CS Deliverables Catalog


Analyses and their SAS and R implementations are based on ADaM-compliant data sets.

Out of scope:

  • ADaM conformance checks
  • Analyses of tabulated data, SDTM

Participating & Contributing: Getting started

We maintain to-do lists in project directories:

Review the Script Basics and Programming Conventions, below.

SAS and R versions

WPCT Package Scripts & Conventions

Each Central Tendency data display will have a same-name script in SAS and R in the WPCT folder. For example, SAS and R scripts for Fig. 7.1, Fig. 7.2, etc.

Script basics
  • We refer to these as "Standard Scripts" because they produce one of the standard displays enumerated in the white paper.

  • Standard scripts, by default, produce an example output based on PhUSE CS test data.

  • Standard SAS scripts require our library of macros, which we publish here in github

  • Standard R scripts require some common functions the R functions will be created in 2017.

  • Scripts require that users set some parameters based on their particular computing environment and data

    • Scripts are organized to clearly isolate user settings and any pre-processing instructions (e.g., to subset data before performing analyses)
    • By default, scripts use the CDISC ADaM pilot data mentioned above, and include custom pre-processing code to abbreviate treatment labels and subset data to limit the number of outputs.
Project conventions
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