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Contributing to our 2016 goal

The working group's 2016 goal is to publish R and SAS scripts that unlock the standard analyses that the White Paper on Central Tendency (WPCT) specifies.

For further details, please review the Central Tendency Guide for Users and Contributors for further details.

Task Lists

We maintain Task Lists (to-do lists) for both:

Folder Structure

A brief description of each folder at this level:

  • WPCT
    • Standard scripts for WPCT data displays, in SAS and R. Example outputs are in language-specific subfolders.
  • qualification
    • Test plans & test scripts for the standard scripts and the components that they use. Results and artifacts of testing are in language-specific subfolders.
  • specifications
    • General formatting conventions, as well as detailed specifications for each Central Tendancy display.
  • utilities
    • SAS macros that the standard scripts use for basic (generic) discovery and manipulation tasks, which should otherwise not cause distraction from the analyses that the standard scripts conduct.
  • scriptathon
    • Scripts that volunteers created during PhUSE Scriptathon events through 2015, which we mine for good techniques and ideas for our standard, qualified scripts.
  • images
    • Images to support our github documentation. See for example our WPCT to-do list
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