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  1. pyVHR Public

    Python framework for Virtual Heart Rate

    Jupyter Notebook 95 37

  2. On gaze deployment to audio-visual cues of social interactions

    Python 5 1

  3. openFACS Public

    openFACS : an open source FACS-based 3D face animation system

    C++ 51 16

  4. DANTE Public

    DANTE (Dimensional ANnotation Tool for Emotions) is an emotional annotation tool to annotate any kind of video in terms of valence and arousal continuous dimensions.

    PHP 3 1

  5. Robust Single Sample Face Recognition by Sparsity-Driven Sub-Dictionary Learning Using Deep Features

    Python 16 6

  6. CLE Public

    Constrained Levy Exploration (CLE) generates a scanpath computing eye movements as Levy flight on a saliency map.

    Python 6


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