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###### Autogenerated by Mizuho, DO NOT EDIT ######
# This file maps section names to IDs so that the commenting system knows which
# comments belong to which section. Section names may be changed at will but
# IDs always stay the same, allowing one to retain old comments even if you
# rename a section.
# This file is autogenerated but is not a cache; you MUST NOT DELETE this
# file and you must check it into your version control system. If you lose
# this file you may lose the ability to identity old comments.
# Entries marked with "fuzzy" indicate that the section title has changed
# and that Mizuho has found an ID which appears to be associated with that
# section. You should check whether it is correct, and if not, fix it.
1. About the involved technologies => about-the-involved-technologies-14ot82u
1.1. Typical web applications => typical-web-applications-1yd1iav
1.2. Ruby on Rails => ruby-on-rails-5v776m
1.3. Apache => apache-123bbrn
2. Passenger architecture => passenger-architecture-ehq6p7
2.1. Overview => overview-1ickxaj
2.2. Spawning and caching of code and applications => spawning-and-caching-of-code-and-applications-rtkxsp
2.3. The spawn server => the-spawn-server-ktu9q0
2.3.1. Memory sharing => memory-sharing-30wsnk
2.4. Handling of concurrent requests => handling-of-concurrent-requests-1ud4gns
3. Appendix A: About this document => appendix-a-about-this-document-fo5ufe
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