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//// This file contains system-specific configuration options that the test suite needs.
//// Please customize it for your system.
// These are the usernames and group names of normal, non-administrator
// users and groups. Preferably, these are user and group accounts that
// are normally not used.
// These users and groups MUST be able to access this 'test' directory,
// otherwise the tests will fail.
//// Good values for OS X:
"normal_user_1": "_www",
"normal_user_2": "daemon",
// Must not be "nobody".
"default_user": "_sandbox",
// Must not be normal_user_1's primary group.
"normal_group_1": "daemon",
// Must not be normal_user_2's primary group.
"normal_group_2": "_sandbox",
// Must not be default_user's primary group. Must not be "nobody".
"default_group": "_www",
///// Good values for Linux and FreeBSD. Same restrictions apply.
//"normal_user_1": "games",
//"normal_user_2": "daemon",
//"default_user": "man",
//"normal_group_1": "daemon",
//"normal_group_2": "man",
//"default_group": "games",
// A nonexistant username, group name, user ID and group ID.
"nonexistant_user": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"nonexistant_group": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
"nonexistant_uid": 9999,
"nonexistant_gid": 9999,
// If you want to run the Nginx integration tests, then set the following
// config option to the full path of the Nginx binary. This Nginx binary *must*
// be compiled with Phusion Passenger support!
"nginx": "/usr/local/sbin/nginx",
// If Nginx was compiled with dynamic modules support,
// then specify the filename to the configuration file that
// loads the Passenger module.
// "nginx_passenger_dynamic_module_conf_file": "/etc/nginx/modules-enabled/50-mod-http-passenger.conf"
"__end__": null