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.TH "passenger-stress-test" "1" "2.0" "Phusion Passenger" "User Commands"
passenger\-stress\-test \- stress tests a Phusion Passenger powered website.
\fBpassenger\-stress\-test\fR <\fIhostname\fR> <\fIapp_roo\fRt> [\fIoptions\fR]
Stress test the given (Phusion Passenger\-powered) website by
\- crawling it with multiple concurrently running crawlers.
\- gracefully restarting Apache at random times
\- restarting the target (Phusion Passenger\-powered) application at random times
\fB\-c, \-\-concurrency\fR <\fInumber\fR>
Number of crawlers to start (default = 20)
\fB\-p, \-\-apache\-restart\-interval\fR <\fIinterval\fR>
Gracefully restart Apache after <\fIinterval\fR> minutes (default = 1440)
\fB\-a, \-\-app\-restart\-interval\fR <\fIinterval\fR>
Restart the application after <\fIinterval\fR> minutes (default = 55)
\fB\-h, \-\-help\fR
Output help information and exit.
passenger\-config(1), passenger\-memory\-stats(8), passenger\-status(8)
User guide at
Phusion Passenger is written by Phusion (
"Phusion" and "Phusion Passenger" are trademarks of Hongli Lai & Ninh Bui.
This manual page was written by Neil Wilson <> for the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others).
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