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Notes for packagers
By default Phusion Passenger locates all of its resource files under its
source root directory, however it also supports FHS-complaint packaging.
When packaging Phusion Passenger, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- You can generate a fakeroot with the command 'rake fakeroot'. This will
  generate an FHS-compliant directory tree in pkg/fakeroot, which you can
  directly package or with minor modifications.

  If the default fakeroot structure is not sufficient, please consider
  sending a patch.
- Be sure to set Apache's PassengerRoot directive or Nginx's passenger_root
  directive to /usr. This is a hint to Phusion Passenger that it's packaged
  in an FHS-compliant way.
- Inside the fakeroot you will encounter a directory
  /usr/share/phusion-passenger/source, which contains the entire Phusion
  Passenger source root. This is normal! It's to allow
  passenger-install-nginx-module and Phusion Passenger Lite to work; they
  both require the Phusion Passenger source code in order to compile Nginx.
- Phusion Passenger vendors libev in order to make installation easier for
  users on operating systems without proper package management, like OS X.
  If you want Phusion Passenger to compile against the system-provided
  libev instead, then set the environment variable USE_VENDORED_LIBEV to
  'no' before compiling.
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