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+Release 2.2.9
+ * Fixed compatibility with Rails 3.
+ Actually, previous Phusion Passenger releases were already compatible
+ with Rails 3, depending on the spawn method that would be invoked. Here's
+ the story:
+ Since Phusion Passenger 2.2.8, when the file exists, Phusion
+ Passenger will treat the app as a Rack app, not as a Rails app. This is
+ in contrast to earlier versions which gave Rails detection more priority
+ than Rack detection. Phusion Passenger loads Rack apps and Rails apps in
+ different ways. The Rails loader was not compatible with Rails 3, which
+ is what we've fixed in this release.
+ That said, a Rails 3 app would have worked out-of-the-box on Phusion
+ Passenger 2.2.8 as well because Rails 3 apps include a file
+ by default, causing Phusion Passenger 2.2.8 to use the Rack loader.
+ Earlier versions of Phusion Passenger would just completely bail out
+ because they'd use the Rails loader.
+ Please note that smart spawning (the mechanism with which REE's 33%
+ memory reduction is implemented) is *not* supported for Rack apps. This
+ means that if you want to utilize smart spawning with Rails 3, then you
+ should remove your file. This is just a temporary measure;
+ we have future plans to make smart spawning work out-of-the-box with
+ Rails 3.
+ * [Nginx] Fixed PCRE URL.
+ passenger-install-nginx-module downloads PCRE 7.8 if PCRE is not already
+ installed. However PCRE 7.8 has been removed from their FTP server,
+ so we've updated the URL to point to the latest version, 8.0.
Release 2.2.8
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