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Update installation instructions: tell people that they need asciidoc…

… and doxygen to build the gem.
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-Please read the file 'doc/Users guide.html' for installation instructions,
-configuration instructions and troubleshooting tips.
+Please read the file README for installation instructions.
+If you're having trouble installing Phusion Passenger, please
+read the file 'doc/Users guide.html'.
@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ to for general information.
== Installation
+=== Regular installation
Run the following script as root:
@@ -15,8 +17,21 @@ For troubleshooting, configuration and tips, please read the Users Guide:
doc/Users guide.html
-This file is included in the source tarball, may also be viewed online on our
+This file is included in the source tarball, and may also be viewed online on
+our website.
+=== Installing via a gem
+You may also first generate a .gem file, and then install that.
+First, make sure that you have the following software installed:
+- Doxygen:
+- Asciidoc:
+Next, run:
+ rake package
+The gem will be available under the 'pkg' folder.
== Legal

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