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Merge pull request #58 from jude/master

Updated rpm/README.rdoc to point to rhel/6 packages
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2 parents 0d9fd5a + dc30911 commit 6305b36164907d66860e16544f5bca93863f588a @FooBarWidget FooBarWidget committed
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5 rpm/README.rdoc
@@ -12,10 +12,7 @@ passenger-release package from the {main repository}[http://passenger.stealthymo
[Fedora Core 14] <code>rpm -Uvh http://{}[link:]</code>
[Fedora Core 13] <code>rpm -Uvh http://{}[link:]</code>
[RHEL / CentOS / ScientificLinux 5.x + EPEL] <code>rpm -Uvh http://{}[link:]</code>
-[RHEL / CentOS / ScientificLinux 6.x + EPEL] These packages will be available
- as soon as there is a stable beta
- of either CentOS 6 or SL 6 to use
- as a build platform.
+[RHEL / CentOS / ScientificLinux 6.x + EPEL] <code>rpm -Uvh http://{}[link:]</code>
*NOTE*: The RHEL-based distributions are built upon packages in {EPEL}[], and require it to be installed.

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