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Merge pull request #54 from mpapis/master

Fix `rvm_path` detection in RVM mixed mode.
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commit 8c9e147d8a21fb2fdbe1de3978ac1fdff33495eb 2 parents b2318bb + 85bb69d
@FooBarWidget FooBarWidget authored
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 lib/phusion_passenger/platform_info/ruby.rb
5 lib/phusion_passenger/platform_info/ruby.rb
@@ -164,14 +164,15 @@ def self.rvm_path
[ENV['rvm_path'], "~/.rvm", "/usr/local/rvm"].each do |path|
next if path.nil?
path = File.expand_path(path)
- return path if
+ script_path = File.join(path, 'scripts', 'rvm')
+ return path if && File.exist?(script_path)
# Failure to locate the RVM path is probably caused by the
# user customizing $rvm_path. Older RVM versions don't
# export $rvm_path, making us unable to detect its value.
STDERR.puts "Unable to locate the RVM path. Your RVM installation " +
"is probably too old. Please update it with " +
- "'rvm update --head && rvm reload && rvm repair all'."
+ "'rvm get head && rvm reload && rvm repair all'."
exit 1
return nil

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