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+= Phusion Passenger Standalone users guide =
+Phusion Passenger Standalone is a web server that allows one to run Ruby web applications.
+Here are some of the highlights:
+- Unlike Phusion Passenger for Apache and Phusion Passenger for Nginx, Phusion Passenger
+ Standalone does not require an external web server, it is its own and therefore
+ extremely easy to get started.
+- It is powered by an Nginx core. This allows it to serve static files at blazing speeds,
+ makes it secure enough to be directly attached to port 80, and allows it to handle slow
+ clients. You don't need to have Nginx already installed.
+- Automatically spawns and shuts down application processes. One Phusion Passenger
+ Standalone instance can therefore handle multiple simultaneous connections and handles
+ resource management for you. Crashing application processes are automatically restarted.
+- Can listen on a Unix socket, for use in reverse proxy setups.
+== Installation ==
+gem install passenger
+== Usage ==
+Go to your application's root directory, and run:
+passenger start
+This will start Phusion Passenger on port 3000. If you want to run it on a different port,
+use the `-p` option, e.g.:
+sudo passenger start -p 80
+See `--help` for all available options.
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'doc/Users guide Apache.html',
'doc/Users guide Nginx.html',
+ 'doc/Users guide Standalone.html',
'doc/Security of user switching support.html',
'doc/Architectural overview.html'

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