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Commits on Nov 17, 2008
  1. @pgollucci

    Both apr and apr-util are required to build passenger.

    pgollucci committed
    The are not neccessarily installed in the same --prefix
    (see ./configure)
    (note, the apu-1-config does not accept the --cppflags option
    With my HTTPD PMC hat on:
    Technicallly, this is still wrong, this should be using apxs alone,
    but that would have required me to refactor this and I did not have
    time at the moment.   For an example of the correct way to do this,
    see the apreq (libapreq2) httpd module (c-binding portion).
    Note, Eventually, httpd will have an httpd-config similiar to
    gnome-config, neon-config, serf-config, etc.... at which point
    it should switch to that.
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