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Easily manage community and commercial support with Support Central!

Support Central is an aggregator for various support channels. It displays in a central interface which support tickets need replying on. This allows the Phusion Passenger support team to easily handle both community and commercial support in a central interface.

The following support channels are currently supported:

Github issue tracking

Support Central tracks Github issues as follows. For every repository for which the webhook is installed, the following happens:

  • If a new issue is opened by a non-company member, the issue gets the 'SupportCentral' label.
  • If a new issue comment is posted by a non-company member, the issue gets the 'SupportCentral' label.
  • This label is removed if a company member posts a comment in that issue.

Support Central displays all issues with the 'SupportCentral' label.


Please refer to the contribution guide.

Installation in production

Please refer to the general deployment guide.

(If you are a Phusion employee, read the Phusion employee deployment guide.)

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