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Drop-in jQuery plugin for implied to consent to the EU Cookie directive (UK)
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Drop-in jQuery plugin for implied consent to the EU Cookie directive (UK implementation).

Compliance in one file and $.cookieConsent(). Please fork and contribute!

Contains jquery.cookie.

This plugin was originally created for The Higgs Design Co.


<script src="//"></script>
<script src="jquery.cookieConsent.min.js"></script>
  $(function () {


You can configure the plugin by passing in an object.

    mode: 'default', // Default, tab or popover
    persistence: 'heavy', // Light (hides after viewed once) or Heavy (requires user to interact/close)
    color: {
      main: '#29f', // Border & icon color
      bg: '#fff', // Background color
      popover: 'rgba(0,0,0,.3)', // Popover background color
      text: '#444' // Text color
    font: '12px Tahoma, sans-serif', // Font size & family
    width: 'auto', // Width of the banner
    maxWidth: '50%', // Responsiveness
    link: {
      cookies: "", // The cookies link
      policy: "link/to/your/policy" // The cookie policy link
    content: {
      // Allows you to specify the text content of the plugin, using an aray & object based syntax (explained below)
      // You can also pass in a string, eg: "<p>Read our <a href='/policy.html'>policy</a></p>"
        ['strong', {content: 'This site uses '},
          ['a', {href: '', content: 'cookies.'}]
        ['p', {content: "We won't share your data with any third parties."}]

If you'd like to configure the text, you can use the syntax described below:

// The cookieConsent element
// Sytanx is:
//  [element [string], attributes [object], childElements... [arrays]]
// Special attributes:
//  content - inserted as text content of the element
//  css - object run through jQuery's css method

// For example:
var myElement =
['div', {id: "my-element"},
  ['p', {css: {color: "red"}, content: "I love red paragraphs"}],
  ['a', {href: "", content: "Click me!"}]


MIT License

Copyright (C) Tom Ashworth 2012

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