A vim setup for developing php applications - DEPRECATED
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This repo is deprecated. I've switched to neovim and a dotfiles repo. See my current config @ https://github.com/phux/.dotfiles


This was my approach to transform vim into a full featured PHP IDE. It's only tested under linux.

Included Features (plugins)

  • really working php autocompletion (neocomplete + tags)
  • fuzzy file/buffer finder (CtrlP)
  • project based vim configuration (vim-project)
  • enhanced status bar (vim-airline)
  • tagbar
  • file panel (nerdtree)
  • easy commenting (nerdcommenter)
  • mighty snippet plugin (ultisnips)
  • autocompletion for brackets,..
  • enhanced buffer/window behaviour (bufkill.vim)
  • most recent used files access (mru.vim)
  • yank history (yankring)
  • improved navigation (vim-easymotion)
  • namespace handling (vim-php-namespace)
  • git integration (fugitive)
  • codesniffer & messdetector integration (phpqa)
  • php refactoring (php-refactoring-toolbox)
  • ack/ag integration
  • coding standard fixer (vim-php-cs-fixer)
  • surrounding words/selections with stuff (vim-surround)
  • autoclosing html tags (closetag.vim)
  • phpdoc generator (pdv)
  • automatic tag-file updates (easytags)

Basic installation


(optional) create a separate dir to organize git repositories

$ mkdir ~/git && cd ~/git

Clone this repository

$ git clone https://github.com/phux/php-vim-setup.git
$ cd && ln -s ~/git/php-vim-setup/.vim* . && ln -s ~/git/php-vim-setup/.gvimrc .

Install plugins

Install vim-plug

$ curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \

fetch and install plugins

$ vim -c 'PlugInstall'