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The Peek GIF screen recorder has a new release 0.9. The highlights of this release are the reduced temporary file size, improvements for Ubuntu users and many new translations. Peek can now be easily installed on Ubuntu using the Peek PPA on Launchpad. See the README for details on this. Also there have been some important fixes to integrate Peek better into the Unity desktop.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to Peek by providing patches, translating and reporting bugs and feature request.


  • ui: Fix problem of app menu not available on certain desktop configurations (#6)
  • ui: Fix display of desktop notifications on Ubuntu Unity (#55)
  • ui: Close button is displayed left on Ubuntu Unity (#67)
  • ui: Workaround for gray borders under unity (#11)
  • ui: Smaller border around recording area
  • recording: Add resolution downsampling option (#32)
  • recording: Minimal frame rate is now 1fps
  • recording: Smaller temporary files by using libx264rgb instead of huffyuv (#2)
  • recording: Support for avconf, if ffmpeg is unavailable (#56)
  • i18n: Chinese (Simplified) translation
  • i18n: Croatian translation
  • i18n: Czech translation
  • i18n: Dutch translation
  • i18n: Italian translation
  • i18n: Korean translation
  • i18n: Norwegian Bokmål translation
  • i18n: Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • i18n: Swedish translation
  • fix: Fix possible crash when loading schema from local folder
  • fix: Fix temp file deletion warning
  • package: Peek is installable via Ubuntu PPA (#15)
  • docs: Update installation instructions
  • docs: Added FAQs