Swift implementation for bluetooth communication with the micro:bit
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Microbit-Swift is an application programming interface written in Swift for use with the micro:bit computer. It allows programs written for Apple devices to communicate with the micro:bit using Bluetooth Low Energy.

For information about this project and how to use the API see: Micro:bit Swift Bluetooth LE

Microbit.playground.zip demonstrates the use of the API. It can be downloaded to an iPad that has Swift Playgrounds installed.

The Microbit directory contains an Xcode project for testing the components of the playground.

The source files for the Playground are:

  • Microbit.swift - The API can be used on any platform that supports Core Bluetooth i.e. macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. To use: copy this file into your Xcode project.
  • MicrobitUIController.swift - A set of view controllers used by the Playground.
  • MicrobitUI - A set of custom views used by the view controllers.